Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cloud Roundup for January 23, 2012

bitnami-cloud-icon.jpgMuch has been said about Facebook's Timeline feature, but very little attention has been paid to the actual tech behind the feature. Timeline goes well beyond the scope of Facebook's previous profile pages and deals with years of Facebook activity. Starting this Fall, O'Reilly and Cloudera are going to be smooshing together their conferences, and Siddharth Anand has some thoughts on the state of NoSQL in 2012.

The State of NoSQL in 2012 – Anand has some thoughts on the limitations of today's NoSQL options. "Many of the NoSQL vendors view the "battle of NoSQL" to be akin to the RDBMS battle of the 80s, a winner-take-all battle. In the NoSQL world, it is by no means a winner-take-all battle. Distributed Systems are about compromises."


BitNami Cloud Tools now supports DynamoDB – BitNami has added support for DynamoDB with its BitNami Cloud Tools stack. Cloud Tools includes the most popular command line tools (and dependencies, of course) for working with the Amazon APIs for EC2, Beanstalk, RDS, SES and others.

Cloudera Teams With O'Reilly Media to Merge Hadoop World and Strata Conferences – It can be tough to attend all the trade shows that are relevant, so this is good news for Hadoop folks. Cloudera is going to be folding Hadoop World into the 2012 Strata Conference New York this Fall. The Strata Conference New York is being held October 24 and 25, the call for papers starts on February 28.

Building Timeline: Scaling up to hold your life story – I still haven't decided quite how I feel about Facebook's Timeline feature, but I do admit that the technical challenges behind it are quite interesting. Ryan Mack describes the tech behind Timeline, how its team whipped data into shape and how the project got started. "Timeline started as a Hackathon project in late 2010 with two full-time engineers, an engineering intern, and a designer building a working demo in a single night. The full team ramped up in early 2011, and the development team was split into design, front-end engineering, infrastructure engineering, and data migrations."

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