Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ryan Gosling Look-Alike Gives Males How-To Advice!

Sexy actor Ryan Gosling probably gets his fair share of marriage proposals. So perhaps it?s no surprise that Joey Thompson has fielded more than a few offers of his own ever since his video, ?How to Look Like Ryan Gosling,? went viral on the Internet. ?I?ve gotten proposals from all around the world,? the 22-year-old tells In Touch in an exclusive interview. ?I?ve also gotten tons of other messages ? I was even offered a modeling gig in Germany!?

And he hopes to capitalize on the opportunity: ?I?m not interested in being a celebrity impersonator,? he says. Instead, the co-founder of Dinobrite Productions says, ?I want to make funny videos for a living. I have notebooks full of ideas.?

In fact, he?s already filmed his next video, in which he instructs fans ?How to Live Like Ryan Gosling.? But his ?ultimate goal? is to meet his celebrity doppelg�nger so he can direct him in the video ?How to Look Like Joey Thompson.?

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